January 8, 2008

My 2008 Predictions

.../resolutions/wishful thinking/positive thinking for myself :-)

I would have Shaun T’s chick assistant’s abs…hiphop abs yo!
My hair would grow longer which I just had cut short…really short by the way.
My toenails would recover…it suffered from a nail polish over dose.
I’ll ace my MBA classes
I’ll gain more online and offline friends.
I’ll finally meet Jae and perhaps Cheska in person :-D
I’ll own a PSP so I can play all thoooose games in a wider screen than my cellphone.
I’ll learn how to levitate after the yoga classes.
I’ll save some money.
My PPP career would flourish thanks to my guru (Carey)
My small business would flourish
I’ll watch more movies and series.
I’ll finally discover a book to replace the spot left by Harry Potter series
Blow would get a job (hahaha didn’t mean the way it came out )
I’ll travel more...i'll finally visit Camiguin and Panglao or even Hongkong.

3 retrospection:

shane said...

Hope your all your predictions would come true..

Happy New Year!!

psyche said...

as for me...
uli sa daw ko'g Davao.
and meet Jae as well. hehehehe

Raine said...

@shane:Thanks shane...Happy new year too! :-)

@psyche:bitaw gang ug hopefully kitang 3 ni jae ang magkita hehehe