December 30, 2007

A year end post

I’ve learn to contemplate even in action. That one doesn’t need to be in a semi-catatonic state, alone and staring emptily into space with .”music” to do some reflection. That one can introspect even while crossing a busy street.
I’ve realized that my journey towards self discovery doesn’t always have to happen within me but can happen through other people
I’ve learned that trust is such a fragile thing and it starts with trusting yourself.
I’ve learned to accept that I can’t do everything on my own…that sometimes I have to hold on to somebody’s hand to let go of someone else.
I’ve finally accepted that some friendships don’t last forever. That a childhood bond can sometimes break in this adult world. That two people who grow together can still outgrow each other. …that a friendship needs to be continually nurtured and taken care of to last.
I’ve discovered that sometimes help comes from unexpected places and from unexpected person. That a stranger is a friend waiting to be made.
I’ve learned to appreciate the value of money.
I’ve learned that lying dormant within us are various potentials waiting to be tapped.
Finally that life is such a wonderful thing after all and that love doesn’t always have to hurt.

Happy New Year Everyone :-)

3 retrospection:

splitzapper said...

serious mode classmate?????
Happy New Year.

jae said...

And I've learned that learning is a never-ending vicious cycle -- it goes on and on and on.

Hope you can list the ten things you're most thankful about 2007 for. =)

Happy New Year Rainey. =)

Raine said...

@splitzapper:char lang oi
@jae:i should've include that :-)