January 28, 2008

Hating Dubai

Last Saturday I attended the despedida party of Laila and Grace, two of my closest friends at the office. Actually I was supposed to attend Pheng and Rhea’s Despedida party at samal on the same day but I opted to join the latter. All of them except rhea resigned from work because they will try their luck overseas..specifically at Dubai. I can no longer keep track of how many of my friends went to work at Dubai and those who plan to. That’s why I’m beginning to hate the place coz it’s taking my friends away from me L I feel really sad not to be able to spend time with my friends anymore but well there’s nothing I can do but accept their decisions and cope. I also talked to another friend who’ll be leaving for Australia this year and he asked me if I have plans to work abroad. I replied, Travel yes…but work no. I just can’t imagine myself working and living in another country with a different culture and lifestyle. I imagine how difficult the adjustment might be to work with foreigners..the language , culture gap and all. I am very much attached to my family and chose not to be away from them again. Yes I might be missing out some opportunites out there, to see new places and earn more and etc. but spending quality time with my family far outweighs those.
I wish to be reunited with those friends in Dubai and hope Dubai is taking good care of them but for now…I’m hating the place

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