October 19, 2007

Tis the season

Tis the season for season 2! Whhheeeee! :D Heroes and Dexter! And season 3 for Prisonbreak though I haven’t watched it yet. I’ve been busy downloading Dexter on Mondays and Heroes on Tuesday on Torrent. The 3 to 5 hours downloading has been worth the wait.

Heroes have been awesome so far. There are new interesting characters and a new villain yet to be revealed but it might be Matt’s dad the nightmare man. The original characters seems to be having developments in their love lives Claire has this superman love story thing going on with a new character , West, who has the ability to fly and come up with cheesy lines like these:

West:i know you can heal claire...but i don't want to see you hurt

Hiro is also in love with a character from the past. Peter who lost his memory on the episode 5 preview is kissing the Irish gal.

Dexter on the other hand is getting soft. He’s becoming and feeling human. He’s finally admitted to himself that he cares about Rita and sees her more than a companion.

Dexter(on Rita):she was just a companion you know...
His victim: well they
worm their way in
Dexter: and then they shut you out

The bodies that Dexter dumped in the ocean have been discovered and are currently being investigated by his Department. He hasn’t stopped killing yet but has been very careful.

Well, the seasons 2 of both shows were able to sustain the interest of the viewers with interesting plots and twist. Cheers!

5 retrospection:

almaritchel said...

Hi, raine. You know what? It was you who inspired me to watch HEROES. (Inspired jud) Heheheehehe. I've read your posts before about Heroes and it is really wonderful. I'm done watching the Season 1. Have to find time for the Season 2. Hehehehehehhe.

George said...

flo unsa update nimo sa dexter? copy ko beh :) i missed watching the show.

Raine said...

@alma:naks inspired jud hehehe lingaw di ba? lingaw ang season 2..go watch! :D

@george:updated ko, cge will give you a copy :-)

carey said...

hmmm....duda gyud ko anang West... hehehe...

anyway, ayo ayo... :)

Raine said...

@carey:ganahan gud ko kay west hehehe pero pwede pa bitaw siya ma-contrabida