October 3, 2007


I received this SMS
“Loving is a lot like watching a 20 minute fireworks display, exciting,
emotional, romantic, sweet, memorable. But it also ends dramatic as it began. It
fades slowly into thin air, and as much as you want to keep watching, there’s
nothing you can do to make it stay, in the end, all that’s left is a starless
night, and the fact that in this life some good things never last”

After I read it, I immediately drafted my own version(selosa hehehe):

Loving starts when the fireworks end. When the sparks have gone out, the fire
has sizzled out and the excitement has died down. Loving is more like staring at
the dark expanse of the night and finding it beautiful even without the star or
the moonbeam to give it light. It is finding something exquisite in the
mundane. It is feeling calm and serene even when you’re facing gloom. It
is letting go but holding on to hope. It is having faith that despite the
endings there are beginnings.

But of course love is so much bigger than words...
and much much BIGGER than me.
and I really suck when I’m mushy :-)

5 retrospection:

carey said...

Your version is even better and more realistic. I love it... really. :)

Raine said...

@carey:thanks for the kind words :)

jae said...

I really suck when I'm mushy

No, you don't. In fact, you glow. Aw, tama ba? =p

psyche said...

i love teasing people.
cute man gang. =)

Raine said...

@jae: glow with blow? hehehe rhyme jud!

@psyche:salamat! me too i love teasing people.:P