September 30, 2007


That’s the term that Carey coined to describe my current status. Blogless… I think it’s very fitting actually. She wondered why I’m blogless since I am supposedly “inspired” right now. Well, I’m trying not to be a mushy blog thus I refrain to write about my errr blossoming love life ;) And I think I write better when I’m angry, depressed and etc. a proof of that is this comment on my other blog (my original blog which I turned into a PayPerPost/PPP blog)

hi. i was googling something in the office and i came across your blog. and for
the first time, nakakita ako ng blog na hindi pacute. I think it’s sincere,
clever, intense and entertaining. we’re of the same age and girl din ako.
anyway, thank you for saving me from boredom. hehe tc.

Thank goodness she didn’t read some of my “pa-cute” entries. I actually found this comment funny because she was commenting on a PPP post about Superglass- the most energy-efficient glazing product on the market LOLS and mind you I don’t really put much energy on my PPP post, as long as I reach the required number of words and the required anchor text, it’s a done deal. So I’m not specially proud of such entries because it’s not well thought of and doesn’t display much of my writing prowess (as if!) My filler entries are worse off because I just try to write about anything that comes to mind that would reach 50 words, if I have a choice I would just paste lyrics or poems but the entries should be original thus explains the “whatever-ness” quality of my posts. Anyways HK, thank you whoever you are, you actually inspired me to update my better blogs and turn this blogless status around.

4 retrospection:

Abaniko said...

If we don't get to read you because you're happy with your lovelife then that's good news. Wish you all the best.

Raine said...

lovelife...i hate how it sounds hehehe thanks! :)

carey said...

I think it's the way you write your posts that got her attention and not so much with the topic. See, even if it's a PPP post, you got yourself a big fan. Gawas gihapon ang talent. :)I bet she would still appreciate even your "pa-cute" entries.

Raine said...

@carey:char! ikaw baya ang promotor're my mentor...i owe it all to you :)