February 17, 2010

Valentine Weekend

Last February 13, 2009 ,I had a date with the person I love most in the world. I’ve loved this person for what seems like forever yet we’ve never even watched a movie together. So last Saturday I watched Percy and the Lightning Thief with this person i love the most in the world.....myself. It was my first time to watch a movie alone. I thought it might feel weird and I would feel self-conscious but it was basically OK. I was able to concentrate on the movie. The only glitch was that I had to hold my pee since I was afraid to leave my things behind or thought that if I’d bring it along i would have difficulty finding another seat when I get back.

Last February 14, 2009, Valentine’s Day, I had a date with the third person I love most in the world …Blow (second place being my parents). We attended mass at St.Jude and afterwards I told him I don’t want to eat at restaurants because most of them are full. I told him we’d just take out some food and have a picnic somewhere...my requirements are quite simple, I want to lay on the grass, look up at the stars, eat a bucketful of chicken and just be with him. We thought of going to Samal but it was already 6:00pm so he took me to Riverfront Corporate City (entrance to Crocodile Park) and we chose a spot and laid a blanket and had our private picnic. We were actually not sure if picnicking is allowed there and we were expecting to be chastised by some guard but nobody approached us and the idea of doing something “prohibited” made it more exciting 
All in all I had a swell weekend.

3 retrospection:

Anonymous said...

great! will do the same soon =)

Anonymous said...

ang sweet naman te flo... musundog pud ko te flo :D

Raine said...

@Anonymous and Anonymous: sure go ahead guys and trespass on private property LOLs seriously I don't think having a picnic there is prohibited