February 4, 2010

Bear with me

I was a happy child and had an almost idyllic childhood but I grew up to be a bitter and cynical adult but there are times when the child within fights to come out. Here’s one of that moment.

What are the chances that you would find a pair of something like a stuffed toy perhaps…a male and female version of it in an ukay-ukay(flea market?)? I bet the odds are pretty slim considering that the items in question are not even popular like Snoopy , Winne the Pooh or Hello kitty). And I’m willing to bet more that the odds are even slimmer when the two items are located in different heaps of used stuff toys and are found almost a year apart. Around March of last year I bought this cute little male bear with a button at his back from an Ukay2x Stand at Uyanguren St.. I pinned him in my favorite sling bag from then on. Then last Sunday when Blow and I were passing by Palma Gil St, we just finished taking snaps at People’s Park and I was craving for Mais(corn)so we decided to check the vendors outside People’s park and noticed this heap of stuffed toys. I was tempted to browse among the pile since it was a bargain at ten pesos. Imagine my elation when I found an exact female version of the stuffed bear! The She-Bear! I immediately bought and pinned her to my camera bag. I just felt so excited like a kid at Christmas morning because I know there’s only a small probability of finding both items that I can only attribute it to destiny ;) The two bears are really destined to be together! Maybe because I brought along the He-Bear with me and there was some kind of magnetic reaction…maybe they used to be real perons …Okay I need to Stop! Let’s just say that I’m really happy to have found them both because now they’ll be together.

See? Don’t they look adorable? He wears a blue hooded shirt. She wears a pink hooded shirt. He wears….err…he’s actually naked below the waist (I’m planning to sew him a denim shorts). She wears a denim skirt. She wears a ribbon and is a bit chubby. ( Blow says she’s chubby like me :P)

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