December 12, 2008

A Bazaar Experience

This is an overdue post. This is the part where I’m supposed to process my Bazaar Experience/ Direct contact with buyers. It was a complete learning experience. The things I’ve learned through online selling amounted to nothing compared to selling out in the open.

Day 1

The bazaar was supposed to open at 5:00pm so I went to Davcon with my Kuya at 3:00 pm. When we got there all the booths were already set up and guess what the booth next to mine is selling? Sandals also! Sandals that are shiny and new complete with sizes and boxes and everything. I almost did not display my stocks because I felt so awkward esp. with everybody staring at me and while I was displaying customers were already asking about the prices. I panicked because I haven’t placed the price tags yet. I hurriedly displayed my goods and tried the best I could to make it look presentable. That day, I only sold one bracelet :( I got so depressed that I made up my mind not to return the following day. I actually cried because I was so frustrated but my supporters cheered me up and gave me words of encouragement so I returned the following day.

Day 2 to 4

The following day things started to pick up. I sold some items and have a couple of orders. This went on for the following days. Despite the bouts of rain people continued to pour in. Friends paid us a visit which I’m very grateful of because they’re all very encouraging (Thanks sooo much!). Blow, my brother, my sister in law, Ruby (guest storekeeper) and me took turns watching over the booth. Our competitors (the booth next to us selling sandals) were all very friendly and supportive that they even ordered a couple of sandals from us. The part I enjoyed the most was the breaks because there are a lot of foods available. I think what little profit we made went to the food. All in all, the bazaar was fun, tiring and eye opening. Definitely we’ll join again next year! Aja!

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