November 26, 2008

Christmas Bazaar

I’ve had trouble sleeping these past few nights. There are a lot of things on my mind esp. about the upcoming Xmas Bazaar. Our (Blow and I) online store ( will be joining the Davao Convention and Trade Center Bazaar this coming Nov. 28 to Dec. 1, 2008. I have been selling hand painted shirts mostly couple shirts, sandals (abaca wedges), bracelets and other thingamajigs that Blow and I can think of for almost a year now. Most of our customers are our friends and officemates. We’ve been planning to have our own boutique but we could not afford it at the moment plus it’s a very competitive market so you really have to sell something that’s unique and has an edge over the competitors. We decided to give a bazaar a try since it’s just a four day thing and we can afford the rent. It was really a blessing because the mother of my classmate was looking for a co-exhibitor and we found each other. She’s the principal exhibitor since her business is already registered and she’s been to exhibits before. She’ll be selling handmade Christmas decorations so it doesn’t compete with our products. I’m really excited yet anxious about the bazaar since it will be my first time to actually sell products out in the open. I have apprehensions if we can actually sell anything, make profits or just break even. But they say that in business you have to take risks to succeed. So here’s to success or failure learning experience, cheers!

To those who will be in Davao at that date, please do come and visit us. I will really appreciate it even if you won’t buy anything but of course I’ll appreciate it more if you do ;)

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