May 28, 2008


What would you do if you see your friend get physically hurt by someone? Would you sprint to the nearest phone booth and change to the S costume? Or would you forget about the custome and just help your friend? I did neither. I actually did nothing. I just stood there frozen in place and stared in shock at the scene unfolding before me.
The friend was an officemate and the “someone” was her husband. They had an argument and the hubby slapped my officemate, called her names and pushed her to the ground and striked her again and again. I wanted to interfere so badly but Blow stopped me because we might just complicate things and we don’t want to intrude in their marital problems. We wanted to report the hubby to the authorities but we were in an isolated island and there was nobody to report the altercation to. The couple left in the middle of the night which left us all to speculate about what happened to her. The next day I talked to her and she told me she was okay and they were able to patch things up between him and her husband. She told me that it was the first time that he mistreated her and that she threatened to leave her husband if it will happen again. I offered her help and words of advice. She assured me though that she’s fine and that she’s really okay. So, I let her be.
I just hope that she won’t end up dead though because I’ve seen so many frightening cases of domestic violence on TV and read about it on books and on the papers. The victim oftentimes feels that he or she doesn’t have any choice or gets blinded by their “love” for their partner that they just accept the abuse in silence.
This whole thing will probably haunt me for life. Until now I keep going through the scenes in my head wondering what I could have done to help her. But sadly I realized that as much as I want to help her even want to fight her battles for her or make choices for her I can’t because it is after all her life. As much as we want to help there are just people who doesn’t want to accept it or maybe they need to go through their problems on their own.

4 retrospection:

Abaniko said...

Physically hurting a woman is cowardly. Only insecure guys do this. I say it again, only insecure guys do this cowardly, despicable act!

Raine said...

@abaniko: i strongly agree unless if your life is in danger and you really need to fight back

chelsea said...

physical hurt would always heal, its the emotional battering that takes time to heal. thats why im pro-divorce. people should have second chances, not necessarily with the same people.

Raine said...

@chelsea:yes i agree, emotional scars takes time to heal