May 24, 2008

Dream house

A few months ago, Blow and I were talking about our dream houses. He told me that he already have a drawing of his dream house. I asked him to show it to me. I forgot about it but was surprised when a couple of days ago he handed me a folder and said to look at his dream house. I opened the folder and saw a floor plan with complete details of his dream house. I can’t help but be amused because I was expecting a perspective drawing or just a rough sketch and not the actual floor plan with all the details. Guess he must have really given his dream house much thought. After that we discussed about doing a floor plan for the second floor of my parent’s house. My mom told me that when I get married, I could have the second floor while saving up for my own house. Blow and I discussed about it and we both wondered if we need to reinforce the existing beams and all to support the second floor. We have heard several horror stories of houses and even large infrastructure collapsing down due to poor engineering works and etc. That’s why it is very important to secure legal documents during construction works and sign a contract with the contractors as security to all parties. One should consult lawyers about this matters and someone knowledgeable about the California construction law or the construction laws of wherever state you may be.

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