May 14, 2008

Babu Santa

Last weekend we went to Babu Santa Beach Resort at Talicud Island. It was an approximately 40 minutes ferry ride from Sta. Ana wharf. The fare is P50. When we arrived at the resort, there were no other people there except for the caretakers so we had the resort practically to ourselves. We rented a closed cottage for P400. It was ok but it had no furniture inside, good thing we brought tents and sleeping bags. The first thing we did was of course had a photoshoot and then cooked our dinner and ate. We then swam despite the huge waves because there was a storm somewhere ‘til we got exhausted and gathered inside the cottage. There was no tap/fresh water for washing up so we ordered gallons of water brought by a horse for P10 per gallon.There was also no electricity or gen set so we borrowed a lamp from the caretakes to light up the cottage while we drank and got merry :) There was a bit of a disturbance that I will post about soon. The ff. day was basically the same, eating, picture taking and swimming then it was time to go home. It was a hellish ride on the motorcyle ride towards the Sta. Cruz pier because there was no scheduled ferry that day.

The beach and the place in general was just OK, Canibad is still on top of my list but the outing was unforgettable.

Before dusk

the open Cottages


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Debie said...

I just want to ask about Babu Santa. I just read your entry in your blog and the pictures are superb! I've been to different beaches in Samal Island and so far my favorite is Canibad. I would like to travel in Talicud Island this time. How did you inquire about the place? Did you have a contact with the people in the island before you went there? Thank you very much! Please email me here: