April 17, 2008

Elephant Shaped House

While on our way home to Davao from T'boli the driver of the rented car showed me this house in Bansalan,Davao del Sur.

It is said to be worth P3.M ...mmmmm why elephant shaped? Maybe the owner dreamed or had a divine message that he would be lucky in life if his house is built as such? Or maybe he was born on the Year of the elephant? Oh wait its not in the Chinese Calendar! Maybe his favorite animal is an elephant or he was an elephant in his past life...the possibilities were endless. There was nobody there to interview so we imagined all we want ;)

4 retrospection:

AlRitch said...

I've seen the house also when we went to Bansalan. Mao,unsa kaya rason nganong elepante jud? ehhehehehe...

psyche said...

ay naibog ko ani da.
akoa gang ka ulod ang porma. hahaha.
pero lingaw no?

janus said...

di ko ganahan ani,naunsa man ang tag-iya oi!

Raine said...

@alritch:mao jud ng dakong misteryo alms hehehe

@psyche:nah kay nganong ulod man? ako kay sapatos hahaha

@janus:hehehe weird bitaw