April 28, 2008


(sea monster!)

I have a new pet. A turtle! I named him( or her…I’m not sure where to check his/her gender but I’m inclined to think it’s a male) Ali because I found him in Alimodian road at Antipas, North Cotabato. Ali was crossing the street in his I’m-gonna-take-all-the-time-in-the-world pace and we almost hit him but luckily I saw him before we did. I asked the driver to pick up Ali and we brought him all the way to Davao. When I got home I asked my dad to clean up a spare aquarium so Ali could settle down. My dad placed some pebbles and water and voila…Ali’s new dig! It might not be as comfy compared to some accommodations in Davao but well it would do for the meantime. I’m planning to build him a small pond or maybe bore a hole on its shell and tie him up *insert evil laugh* We fed him rice and bread but I later found out that turtles eat green leafy veggies like pechay and cabbages. I’m still surfing the net to research on how to be a good parent to Ali. . I think turtles are cool…remember “Dude” in Nemo and the teenage mutant ninja turtles? I have always wanted to have one as a pet but my mom opposed saying that it’s bad luck to have turtles at home. Well im not sure about that but bad luck or not I’m gonna keep Ali. All together please welcome Ali to my family :)

2 retrospection:

Abaniko said...

When you saw Ali on the road, he was just a couple of meters to being reunited to his dear family then suddenly, out of the blue, he realized he was snatched. Hala ka! You took him away from his beloved parents and brothers and sisters. Kawawa sya. Hehehe.

Raine said...

@abaniko: aw you're making me feel guilty. i'd like to believe that i rescued him from an abusive father and wicked step mother and sisters hehehe