April 2, 2008


I’ve read somwhere that it’s not the place that makes travelling memorable but it’s the person you’re with. For me it was both the place and the companion when Blow and I went to Bohol last Holyweek. I found myself in those movies I often envy where couples would take road trips together and pass by those wonderful sceneries. My version…me and my Blow on a motorcycle with him driving (and me holding on to dear life) passing by the the sparkling blue sea with the wind whipping our face and with the sun on our backs. We also passed by under the cool shade of the gigantic mahogany trees …simply awed by their grandeur. The Bol-anons are hospitable, religious and kind hearted. The food esp. the calamay, peanut kisses and sanga (dried sting ray) are delightful treats. Bohol was simply awesome and has a lot of things to offer. Our five days there was not enough. We visited both the man made and natural wonders. We paid visit to the old churches and watch towers, man-made forest, Chocolate hills and Hinag-danan cave. We had lunch at the Loboc River, visited the Tarsiers, butterflies and the bees. We soaked in the sun and sand, sights and sounds and of course the pristine waters of the Panglao beaches. I will definitely come back there, Blow even want to stay there for good. Well, let’s wait and see. Pics here.
Another plus thing during our Bohol trip was meeting some Blog friends. I was finally able to meet my dear online and offline friend Jae during our stop over in CDO.She was the one who bought our ferry tickets...salamat jud jae...mwah

And Tey at Bohol who prepared us wonderful breakfast and was generous enough to allow us to shower at his place which offers a view of the Baclayon Church....salamat pud kaayo !

More trips and Ebs to come :-)

5 retrospection:

janus said...

wow! gusto ko rin jan sa bohol pumunta! matamis ba ang chocolate hills!? :]]

jae said...

You're welcome, Raine. =)

And thank you for the presents, too! You came prepared. I hope I can latch myself on Pop's plans and invade Davao. =)

Raine said...

@janus:punta ka and you'll have a blast...i promise.yep super sweet ang chocolate hills hehehe

@jae: of course :-) hope so too jae so i can show you around davao

Abaniko said...

Been to Bohol once and I'll go back there again when I get the chance. It's a lovely place especially if you have enough time to stay and enjoy the scenery. Of course, as you say, the visit becomes more memorable if you're with a special someone. Hehe.

Raine said...

@abaniko:it's really a lovely and well preserved place ...hope i could get back there next year :-)