April 11, 2008

Bohol Trip Details

Some friends have been asking me about the details of the Bohol trip like how much it cost, how to get there, where we stayed and all the other details. And so I decided to post the full details of the trip. I’ll try to be as descriptive as I can.

Getting there

We took an airconditioned bus to CDO which cost us P500. Travel time from Davao to CDO is 5 hours. Then we took the Trans Asia ferry boat to Tagbilaran which cost us P1575. Travel time is 11 hours. When we arrived in Tagbilaran we had no clue where to go. We took out our handy EZ map (a must bring esp. for first timers) and looked for car rentals. We heard that they rent out motorcycles so we checked out Speed Rental because it was nearest and a friend recommended it. We were able to rent a Honda XR motorcyle for P500 for 24 hours but we have to shoulder the fuel cost(Full tank is only 3 Liters around P200). We did not get any driver because the owner, Hansel said that Tagbilaran is a small city and we wouldn’t get lost as long as we know how to read the signs and the map.


So after we got the motorcycle we checked out the hotels in Tagbilaran. The first place that we visited was Sky Lodge because Hansel said that it was cheapest. When I asked the reception desk if there is a room available, she asked me “Ma’am, short time?” I thought to myself, “Queensland ba ito?” so we looked elsewhere. We passed by Nisa Travellers Inn and inquired. We liked the place because it was “wholesome” plus it was cheap. It only cost us P400 for a twin bed but it wasn’t airconditioned and there is no CR inside the room and there was no TV and ok we were on a tight budget so we make do but it wasn’t too bad coz it was clean and they have this sort of a garden where you can dine. We stayed there for two nights while we explored Tagbilaran, Loboc, Carmen and etc.
Then on our third day we stayed at a friend’s house in Bilar so it was free.
Then on our fourth day we explored Panglao we checked out Dumaluan beach were you can pitch a tent for P200 plus the entrance and the overnight fee but we looked elsewhere because we didn’t like the place that time because it was overcrowded. So we went to Alona beach and liked it because there are a lot of restos where we can buy food. We asked if we could camp out along the shores and the guard said it was ok so we stayed there for free.

Going Home

On our fifth day we returned the motorcyle and rode a bus to Jagna which is an hour away from Tagbilaran and cost us P60. There we boarded the Cebu Ferry which cost us P950

All in all, the trip cost us P5,000 each ..not bad for cheapskate like us. This already includes the pasalubong. Other expenses aside from the food, lodging and transporation are the entrance fees to the places we went to which ranges from P15 to P50 except fot the Lobor river cruise which cost us P280 but it already includes a lunch buffet.
So there, hope that was informative.

And oh we brought along a tripod so we don’t have to hassle anybody to take our pictures.

2 retrospection:

Winston said...

cool. you should have posted this before i went to bohol. ehehehe

nice trip. we were on a tight budget to but we spent more than 10,000 each for that trip. grrr. hehhe. :) we stayed at Bohol Divers Resort, beside Alona's. We spent 800 per room (200 per head). Shared room with two beds. May sariling banyo. hmmm... with electric fan. :)

The resort is also good. pretty close to boracay's ambiance, with a lesser crowd of course.

Raine said...

@winston:oo nga eh...di na kc ako updated magpost :) I heard that Bohol Divers Resort is one of the cheapest so i guess you found a good deal there ...next time i visit Bohol i'll try out the cottages na may fan and cr hehehe