September 23, 2007

It could happen to you

Sickness could.
Unemployment could.
Accidents could.
Death could.
Anything could happen to anyone of us …anytime.
But hopefully not at the same time.
I have lived inside my own bubble. I float amidst my clouds of happy thoughts and try to push aside any unwanted things that can happen. I have my own shares of tough times but nothing close to a life threatening situation. Compared to others, I can say that I had it easy no matter how sometimes I exaggerate my problems. I see people dying from accidents or from sickness and I feel sorry for them but at the same time I feel lucky not to be experiencing those things. Sometimes at the back of my mind I can’t help but think that this can’t happen to me or it could but I would be ready by then or it won’t happen …not for a long time. I’ve deluded myself that yes these terrible things are real but I haven’t really grasped fully the fact that it can be a part of my reality. That ugly things could happen to me and burst my bubble. That the big bad wolf is just prowling nearby. Not until lately. I noticed a lump growing at a particular part of my body and ignored it for sometime but then practicality got the best of me and I had it checked last August. To my utter distress the doctor told me that particular lump can possibly be a manifestation of a particular type of cancer and should be removed at once and the sample should be treated for biopsy. And so I had it removed and waited in agony for 5 days for the result. Thankfully it was benign. But there are still a few lumps left and my doctor told me to have anti-cancer shots for prevention. I’m almost over this ordeal and never in my life have I felt so vulnerable and fragile and human and alive….all at the same time. The idea that my life can be taken away from me anytime scared the hell out of me. But then it made me realize that instead getting depress and all that I should learn to enjoy every moment…months…days..seconds.. of my life. I made a solemn promise to myself to make those time matter…make the best out of it. I realized that a brush with death makes us see how precious life really is and anything could happen anytime …bad things could but also good things could.