June 20, 2007

Interview Meme by Confessions from a Cheap Motel

Too much inspiration can sometimes lead one to be uninspired. I still can’t think of anything decent to write (I would like to think that I do write something decent...every now and then) so I decided to do another interview meme. Actually this is similar to the meme below but this time it’s asked by a different person, Paolo (Confessions from a Cheap Motel). He was the first person that I interviewed. After reading his blog which has now become one of my favorites I was curious with the questions that he would come up with. So on a whim I asked to be interviewed by him. As expected his questions were errr thought provoking :">
1.)What superpower do you wish to have and how will you use it for you're own greedy needs?

I would like to have Hiro Nakamura’s power (Heroes TV series). He can bend time and space continuum or simply known as teleportation. This power would allow me to travel form one place to another or one time to another. I would use it to rectify past mistakes and alter my past so that I would become somebody rich and famous today and have Orlando Bloom as my husband and Wenworth Miller as my lover. I would also use it to travel and maybe live at long gone eras like the Victorian Age.

2) Have you watched (by accident or otherwise) a guy masturbate on webcam? if yes, tell us the details. if not... well, make up a story then. make it a good story though.

I visit the chatrooms (yahoo and mirc) when extremely bored so yeah I saw guys masturbate on webcam and not accidentally but I find it quite lame. I don’t know but there are a lot of guys who willingly do it without much prodding. There’s not much to tell really but there was this one guy that really stands out(no pun intended). I did not see his face but he was jacking off in front of a fireplace…the background was romantic with the fire crackling and all… Watching a guy do it off cam is another matter though :>

3) Does size matters?

Yep but it’s not the length but the thickness but those who lack can make it up w/ ahmmm creativity.

4) What turns you on sexually? Answers like personality, intelligence etc etc are not counted.

A hard-on …shorts or pants making a tent or simply knowing that a man is turned on by me.

5) If you were to ask yourself a question, what would it be? Answer the question too.

Hahaha this is a difficult question. I guess it would be one of the existential questions that I’ve been asking ever since time immemorial…something like “What is the purpose of our existence?” And my answer would be, "I don’t know". I just don’t buy all that religion and life-as-a-journey crap. I even attempted to read the Purpose driven life book for answers but got stuck with the 11th day...maybe i shoul've finished it but nah...i guess its one question that would take a lifetime to answer or maybe be always left unanswered.

3 retrospection:

paolosbrew said...


i wasnt expecting you'll answer my questions that way. if i knew you'll do that, i might have asked a harder hitting question on #2 haha

i'd rather have the power to stop time (and everyone and anything), than just bend it. just think of the many hours you have to do what you want, rather than chasing time. think of the many girls i can kiss too, since they wouldnt know about it haha

i like your answer on #4 hehe

just tell me ifyou want some more questions :P

fence said...

Grabe, nigawas ang kape sa akong ilong. hahahaha

Raine said...

@paolosbrew:harder question? whoa! that would be nuf' for now

@fence:hahaha amew! would've love to see that