December 23, 2008


This is my 4th resignation…and possibly not my last with my restless personality. I want to go quietly this time. Fade in the background if possible. I don’t want tears and sad goodbyes. I just want a smooth transition from one company to the other. Let me recount my other resignations

The first one was filled with applause. It has been a tradition in that company (adapted from the Japanese) to applaud the person who will be leaving. So on my last day, when the clock struck 5:00 pm and I got up to leave, my officemates clapped and cheered. They’re happy that I was finally free from the prison where I’ve been sentenced for almost 3 years hehehe A despedida party followed with sad farewells and promises to keep in touch.

The second one was heartbreaking. I got so attached to my subordinates. I consider them all as my younger brothers who had it harder in life. I can’t help but cry. I cried for like a week. I visited them every now and then because I missed them so much but eventually I moved on.

The third one was funny. I worked for the company for only 2 weeks and I didn’t like it so I left and feigned sickness. I lied to a doctor to get a medical certificate and asked my mom to deliver my letter. I can’t face my ex-colleagues until now and the very memory of what I did still makes me cringe.

Now we’ve come to the fourth one. I’m not sure how this will turn out yet but hopefully I get to fade quietly into the night ;)

5 retrospection:

Fence said...

You go, girl! Nyahaha! And welcome to the jobless squad. :)

Abaniko said...

Hope you'll find a satisfying job soon.

Merry Christmas!

Raine said...

@fence: apir! :)

@abaniki: Happy Holidays!yeah i wish too :)

splitzapper said...

asa ka diay ka mu adto junior? hehehe
happy new year!!!!

psyche said...

go raine! lahi na pud kanang mas lingaw. that's a good way to start your year. lisod bitaw jud oi nga naay emotional attachment kay murag ingon ana jud mahitabo.