May 22, 2008

Online Shopping

I have always been a shopaholic. I just can’t resist it when I see a cute blouse or shoe or slippers or just about anything that catches my fancy. I am really impulsive and I can’t control my urge to shop. Now temptation has become more accessible because of the internet. There are a dozen sites that sell just about anything like in ebay or multiply. Since I discovered these sites I have become a chronic online shopper. I’ve purchased books, blouses , Havaianas and etcetera. Sometimes I wonder why my funds are dwindling even when I seldom go to the mall now and then a package arrives and I would remember that I have purchased something through the internet. Good thing that there are loans to help out.

2 retrospection:

mei ad store said...

online shopping can really make be full of debt because its fun and convenient so I really have to control myself lol

Raine said...

@mei ad store:yes control is really important because with just a couple of clicks your money is gone :)