May 10, 2008

Caracoles Festival

Every April of the year the Island Garden City of Samal celebrates the Caracoles Festival. Caracoles means shell and this festival is to give thanksgiving for the Island's rich marine resources. This year they held it last April 28-29. Unfortunately I was not able to join in the festivities but Blow did. He was one of the participants for the Body Painting Contest last April 26. This is the first time that they held this contest and Blow won 3rd place.Yahoo!!! I think he could have won first place but oh well. I can't help but gush and be proud of him like some stage mother :)
<--- Here's a picture of his work of art. I forgot the name of his model though, my bad! It took him 4 hours to do this and he used Acrylic paint. Next year I'll volunteer to be his model so I better work on those abs LOLS

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