June 4, 2007

Meme: 15 Idiosyncracies

Got tagged with this by Alvin and have been given a week to do it. I love memes because it gives me an excuse to write about my favorite topic. ..ME LOLS
I’m supposed to write 15 weird things about myself (15 only? :> )

1. I’m a notebookphile (err I keep looking for a better term but found none so i just coined that term up..Webster please take note) I buy notebooks on whim because I simply love em. I bought this notebook for school this June,

and then I saw and bought this,

and discovered in my room that I still have this unused notebooks,

2. If you noticed from no. 1 I’m addicted to that big bellied bear ;)
3. I got used to watching Korean DVDs with subtitles that i can’t watch DVDs even English movies without it.
4. I look under my bed before sleeping (for no other reason than to check for Bogeymen and i'm not trying to be funny).
5. I can’t sleep alone without a light on.
6. I can sleep more than 12 hours without having any form of headache.
7. I can sleep anywhere....anytime.. I just love sleeping…I’m even sleepy right now I-)
8. I am a game freak! I check Bigfishgames, Reflexive arcade daily. I love the MCF series.
9. I have weird taste in men or rather boys . I'm attracted to guys who are younger, co-dependent, loser and with gazillion issues.
10. I am extra-nice to people I don’t like…it’s hard to explain…it would take up another post.
11. I just had four henna tattoos and I’m seriously considering getting a permanent one.
12. I have no sense of direction...can't tell from left to right , west to east, north to south.
13. I obsess about flossing. Sometimes I feel the inclination to floss in public.
14. I still drink Milo everyday…prepared by my Mom hehehe
15. I eat ripe mangoes with iodized salt.

I’m tagging Blogie, Leigh, Psyche, Carey , Kenneth ,Jae and Mark and others who are interested.

12 retrospection:

the philosphical bastard said...

hello. this is not related to your post (although i also cant sleep alone).. i updated my peter pan series, so i hope you could drop by.

Kenneth said...

tnx ha! i'm taking cmputer science in UP Mindanao! Good luck 2 u!

Raine said...

@TPB:okies will read it thanks for letting me know

@kenneth:ah that's nice.GOd bless :)

jae said...

Would you believe I also eat ripe mangoes with iodized salt? And ripe pineapples, too? Haha. I also share weird traits numbers one, seven, nine, and i'm starting to be more of number ten. You know what I mean. *wink, wink*

Thanks for the tag, Raine. Will do it sooner than you'd expect me to. Haha.

karol said...

haha! i used to be a notebookphile too. i loved those with recycled paper...pero now, not so much na...poor na eh..hehehe..:)

jon said...

Please don't get a permanent tatoo! The henna tats are ok, but the permanent tatoos ..... i know VERY few people who are mature who still like the tatoo they got when they were younger.

No tat. no tat. No tat. no tat. No tat. no tat. No tat. no tat. No tat. no tat. No tat. no tat. pangako!!

tina said...

waa same tayo!! i buy notebooks for no reason at all. I write at the first page but thats it. haha. sometimes so that i can use them i place all the quotes i like from books ive read. btw, i have the blue pooh notebook. i used that as my diary. hehe

you are like my sister who likes pooh and koreanovelas.. hehe

i know someone antukin like you! haha sleeps anywhere and anytime.

ripe mangoes with iodized salt? now that's something! hehe. :P

Raine said...

@jae:well birds of the same feather...are the same birds hehehe

@karol:i used to collect notebooks using recycled paper too(papemelroti)...why not try to make your own notebook? that will be my next project :)

@jon:if ever i decide to have a tattoo it will be very small but honestly i really don't think i can stomach the pain. thanks for the warning ;)

@tina:apir! hey you gotta let me see your notebooks and books hehehe

Cai said...

haha! pareho tayo about notebooks!! dami ko pa ding notebooks dito na hindi pa nagagamit! super natutuwa lang ako tas bibilhin ko na..

At ang MCF series? weee.. pareho tayo.. haha! I check Bigfishgames din everyday! ^-^

I have the same meme din, you might want to read. ^-^

Raine said...

@cai:masaya mag-collect ng notebook di ba? hehehe
apir sa MCF! i miss ravenhearst :(

carey said...

thanks for the tag... mao diay ni. heheheh....

Raine said...

@carey:yep...will check your post on this :-)